franco (robbingthehood) wrote,


i found myself fascinated with watching the mtv new years special this year. i didn't count, but the number of times they said it was "all about the music" was outrageous. i got to see the person i resemble so much for the first time ever. i couldn't wait for the super insane mega double band action at 12:00. i don't think i've ever heard a better version of let the good times roll. really. even better was the shakira performance. i think she gets nominated for the stupidest lyrics i've ever heard. whoever writes her music is a genius. i mean she speaks perfect french and she has perfect friends. yup. the absence of good music from something that is "all about the music" just sucks. and i watched all of it. commons freestyle over the beatbox was the dopest thing on the show. and of course paul walls grill. if i had to make a new years resolution it would be to not be blinded by commercialism and advertising and to not just take what is shoved down my throat by mtv and the radio. i've been making the same one for awhile. love to anyone who reads this. i'm going to listen to the young pioneers. peace.
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