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i have been collecting music since i was about 12 years old. i have records that mean a lot to me but i only recently made, in my opinion, my best record find ever. i was at wayne state in the business computer lab, headphones plugged into one of the computers that i have downloaded about 50 songs to thanx to:
and most of all
it helps me not think about statistical methods. anyways, i was searching through for sublime records, when i so happened to find this record:

the only difference was this one was twenty bucks. having been searching for this record for years, i almost couldn't believe it. i pulled out my pen and notebook and wrote down the seller's name and email address. when i returned home after another long critical thinking lecture (we did not land on the moon), i ordered the record. i heard back from the seller who told me that he would be shipping it out the next day. so began the wait.
a week passed and i finally received it, and when i did it was kind of a surprised because it included this:

as it turns out, the seller of the record owned a club in california that sublime played in 1991 and he claims that brad gave him the record personally. i guess i believe him because of the press photo (kelly vargas rocking the drums, pretty crazy). needless to say this record will hold a special place in my collection, check it out:

ps - if your like me (a sucker for good poppy punk rock) check this out:

talk to you doods soon
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