franco (robbingthehood) wrote,

fuck all this ancient history

trying to complete a semester is one of the hardest things to do. everything seems to pile up all at once and before you know it, it is over. it's difficult to keep interest in class and in some strange ways i don't really want school to end. i like the community of it. and i can honestly say that the people i have met along the way, i'm pretty sure we'll be okay when our generation is running the world. at least if i went to school with you. this semester i have accomplished more for my school career than ever before. i got inducted into an honorary fraternity for having a high gpa (yeah i can't believe it either). a few days ago a few of the best classmates i ever had and i made a presentation at the westin hotel in southfield for a bunch of advertising bigwigs. i know now that being a corporate whore for advertising agencies is not something i want to do. in the midst of all these great things i still made the same mistakes i make all the time. i ruined my chances with a few girls in the past couple months due to my total stupidity. what kept me going before was knowing i had another semester to try and correct my mistakes when i saw them again. with only three classes left, when i am done with school i will be completely lost. am i supposed to grow up now? these past few days have been difficult, knowing that school is coming to an end. if i only knew five years ago what i know now. scratch that. i have no time for regrets. my only hope is that i'll get another chance, she was special and of course i fucked it up.
today i have two tickets to the alkaline trio/against me show. i don't know anyone else that wants to go.
damn franco, it will be alright...
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