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can't stop mistakes i'm makin from hangin over me

it's good to have an album to sing along to when i feel like shit. to have like four or five within a month is, well, fucking amazing. on top of the red hot chili peppers releasing a superb double disc (where they brought the funk, once again), i got a new less than jake album, new mr. lif, new louis logic and the coup's fifth album. if 2005 was at all lacking in good releases, 2006 looks to be the bomb. things coming up are keeping me smiling (and singing) as well. like the new danger mouse & jemini record. and that against me live album. the bronx 2nd full length. immortal technique - the middle passage. and of course there is more but my ears are already on overload. my bedroom has become like a warehouse. records and mailing supplies are taking over. it's okay i move them out of the way if i have to sleep. music where would i be without you?
in other news i gave up resistance and made this:

lets be friends. and hopefully we can sing along sometime. peace.
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