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yesterday is nothing but a dream to me

i told myself that i wouldn't post another entry til the tigers won the world series. as you can see from my last two entries i was pretty caught up in watching my homies carlos and big pudge. one of my first memories as a super young human was seeing the tigers logo in 1984 and my parents celebrating for some reason. while watching baseball i feel some attachment to the game that i can't describe. it brings me back to playing baseball as a slightly older young person. i am not upset at the tigers. i am proud that we had a team that made the fucking world series when we had 70 some wins last year.
dealing with disappointment is something i am used to. it just makes the good days even better.
and of course i have a cool link:
a pretty lame myspace imitation but it lets you upload your own mp3s. 15 tracks for your listening enjoyment.
peace yall
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