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still puffin on the same chronic haters mad cuz i still got it

graduating isn't all that great. i still know about the same amount i did when i started college. yeah i picked up some cool facts along the way. and made some really cool friends/enemies. i remember this kid threw a full 20oz at me at macomb. no reason other than he was tough. or when my group was giving a presentation and this dude was like "answer the fucking question" like mega loud man and i got super pissed and asked him why he was acting like he was in grade skool. that was in a class called marketing policy (mkt6996) and you have to be a senior to take it. that guy is graduated but is still ignorant. i am sure he is making some awesome money pushing people around at the corporate level. because they are ignorant just like he is. it is not just punk rock that makes me despise the thought of being a corporate whore. it is being sucked into the idea that nothing is more important than money. and doing anything to make it. like kissing ass to try and get ahead. and have your boss tell you what a great job you did on that slogan "so good it's almost embarassing". honestly what the fuck does that mean? or the dood that came up with "life, liberty and the pursuit". how dang original. we are in constant communication with anyone and everyone who will listen. but not paying attention to the car that pulled out in front of you. when we think of voting it's for american idol. do we need another rocky movie? in a time where no idea is original and everyone is hipper than you, to be cool you must: eat fast food twice a day (mcdonalds preferred for ignorance value), have an ipod half filled with bullshit, go to the bar and get wasted six nights a week (7 if possible), be in graduate skool and still cheat on tests, listen to james blunt and most importantly never, i mean never admit you don't know something. if you do that means you are stupid. and weak. these are not qualities of the hip. you must know more than everyone and interrupt at will. never listen, only speak. only then will you be the coolest motherfucker ever. life is too short to not be ignorant. graduating just isn't that cool man.
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