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met a girl named aja said her dad loved steely dan

when the hooligan house was demolished i felt sad about losing such a cool place to hang out. even though it was understood we'd keep in touch, it mostly didn't happen. fortunately there was always omission shows to bring us together. tonight was the last omission show and i screamed along the words to forever in your debt for a final time. with omission ending i feel a part of me going with it. as i come to the realization that adulthood is upon me i don't want to let go of the young punk i was. and still feel like. except now this punk can barely breathe at shows and is not excited about the thought of a crazy pit. i'll lie in bed tonight not thinking about how i smell like shit but about how my friends matt, mike, taras and jeremy have impacted me. they have put chapters of my life into music and i'm sad that i will now only hear them in my memory. thank you thank you thank you...
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