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96 weeks until infinity

today i pulled a sticker off of my wallet that had been there for years. i don't know why i did it. even though i haven't listened to the band in a long time, the sticker stayed. i looked at it closely after it was removed. it was dirty looking. definitely not the way i saw it every day when i opened my wallet. was it really six years ago she gave this to me? am i really that old? i don't feel any different than i did at that time. i know i am though. i'm not sure if i like that thought. how do days disappear so quickly when i can still remember the exact words? i held it in my hands awhile. it looked like it would be rough, but it wasn't. i gazed at it again. every day i saw it, just not as clearly as today. i put it away in a place where i know i will see it again. i picked up my wallet and realized how empty it looked. how empty i feel often times. i replaced it with a new sticker and felt a little better. i never imagined what this day would feel like. i guess i thought i'd leave it there until it fell off. my wallet's memory has been removed. when i come across the sticker again, i'll prepare for the flood.
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