franco (robbingthehood) wrote,

billups 4 point play

i never thought of livejournal as a blog. i don't even think i understand the word. i guess a lot of reporters and other important people have them. i will maintain that my livejournal is just that. a public journal that produces some good writing. maybe sometimes more than others. another semester is almost over. i have done well in all my classes up until this point, and with only a few presentations and tests to go through things are looking good. i've written more raps this semester than ever before. i'm getting a digital recorder and a dope mic for xmas and over break i will be recording an ep. i hope you will have it sometime in january.
albums to listen to:
jimi hendrix experience - live at winterland
edan - architecture
shotwell - the devil has its day
this bike is a pipe bomb - three way tie for a fifth
sublime - contact buzz
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