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best to keep your eyes stare at the sidewalk lines

to celebrate our independence michigan residents got tons of illegal fireworks. i don't think i've ever seen so much shit get blown up at one time. this neighborhood had about 75% of the houses shooting some crazy fireworks. if it wasn't so colorful and cool i would have thought i was in a war zone. the heavy winds kept it pretty interesting guessing if the mortar would tip over. i was ready to jump outta the way. a good weekend and a pretty cool summer too. playin basketball, goin to skool, shippin records, watchin the world cup (italia) and defjuxing. things are looking up.
the lif/cage/yak ballz show in ann arbor was just about the loudest hip hop show i've ever been to. atmosphere at st. andrews was pretty fucking loud too. praise to earplugs, you've saved me many times. promoting at that show was rewarding. and the blind pig has reentry if you are over 21. that is damn cool. until next time...
listen to hank williams iii.
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